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[Lcdproc] Updated client for testing

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  • From: Ethan Dicks <ethan.dicks AT>
  • To: lcdproc AT
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Updated client for testing
  • Date: Sat, 4 Apr 2020 14:11:04 -0400
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Hi, All,

As I dust off some old panels and test them, I'm always looking for
different clients to exercise things. I hadn't use in a
while and since I routinely work with panels that are not the typical
20x4, I was surprised to find that has hard-coded widget
dimensions. I know things can scroll if your display is smaller, but
some of mine are larger, in particular, I'm working with a 24x8 panel.

I decided to spruce up to grab the panel size from the
connect string and to size the widget to match. This looks really
good on my 24x8.

One thing I did not do but thought about was defaulting the fortune to
use the "-s" (short/small fortunes) argument. This can be done at
invocation time by -F "fortune -s" so it's not like you _can't_ do it,
but the default behavior is to print any fortune of any size. Back in
the 4BSD days (when -s and -l were added), the fortunes tended to be
somewhat short (the UNIX v7 fortune database are all one-liners),
Some time back, the Linux version of fortune added many topical
databases (and a way to select specific ones) and greatly expanded the
length of some of the quotes. I am bringing this up because it seems
logical to default to -s behavior. Since there is a workaround, I
decided to change as little as necessary to get the entire panel used.

It's a single file and will work with pretty much any version of
LCDproc out there if anyone wants to give it a test. The pull request

I'd especially like to hear from anyone that doesn't have a standard
geometry (16x2, 20x4...) panel.



  • [Lcdproc] Updated client for testing, Ethan Dicks, 04/04/2020

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