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[Lcdproc] LCDproc and key events

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  • From: harald at (Harald Geyer)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] LCDproc and key events
  • Date: Mon, 02 May 2016 14:43:45 +0200

Hi Jonathan!

On 29.04.2016 17:58, Jonathan Mills wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a installation with lcdproc 0.5.7, and a 16x2 hd44780 connect
> through a pi plate with 5 buttons.
> The connectivity checks out - using the Adafruit software I can see
> text, and I can receive button events.
> I can use lcdproc to display text - that all works correctly
> But when it comes to trying to use the menus, it swallows all my
> commands to lcdproc quite happily without error, but doesn't respond
> to any button presses. (or display anything on the screen, but that
> might be because i can't press the menu button).

Well, are the buttons actually configured in your LCDd.conf?

> Is there anyway I can see if events are being passed about? Is there
> a test mode I can invoke somewhere?

I guess using telnet like in your script below, but actually typing
(pasting) the commands interactively, is a good way to debug

> I tried running LCDd from the command line but can't seem to provoke
> any debug printing.
> That's with LCDd -c /etc/LCDd.conf -d hs44780 -f -so -r 4
> (if you put the -f before the -c, it seems to ignore it by the way
> and daemonize anyway)

@all: What's the prefered way to report such bugs. Looks like the
effort to move the a new vcs and project hosting got stalled again.

> I was trying to use a menu I googled off the web as a starting point
> expect <<END
> spawn telnet localhost 13666

I vaguely remember some strange behaviour with lcdproc on localhost,
so I'm using some other address locally. But this might not be a
valid issue.

> sleep 2
> expect "Escape"

This looks wrong to me. Why would LCDd send "Escape" before we
even said "hello" to it? Try without that line or even try


> send "hello\r"
> expect "connect"
> send "client_set -name Example\r"
> expect "success"
> sleep 1
> send "screen_add myscreen\r"
> expect "success"
> sleep 1
> send "client_set name Parenttest\r"
> send "menu_add_item \"\" ask menu \"Leave menus?\" -is_hidden true\r"
> expect "success"
> send "menu_add_item \"ask\" ask_yes action \"Yes\" -next _quit_\r"
> send "menu_add_item \"ask\" ask_no action \"No\" -next _close_\r"
> expect "success"
> send "menu_add_item \"\" test menu \"Test\"\r"
> send "menu_add_item \"test\" test_action action \"Action\"\r"
> send "menu_add_item \"test\" test_checkbox checkbox \"Checkbox\"\r"
> send "menu_add_item \"test\" test_ring ring \"Ring\" -strings
> \"one\ttwo\tthree\"\r"
> send "menu_add_item \"test\" test_slider slider \"Slider\" -mintext
> \"\" -maxtext \"\" -value \"50\"\r"
> send "menu_add_item \"test\" test_numeric numeric \"Numeric\" -value
> \"42\"\r"
> send "menu_add_item \"test\" test_alpha alpha \"Alpha\" -value
> \"abc\"\r"
> send "menu_add_item \"test\" test_ip ip \"IP\" -v6 false -value
> \"\"\r"
> send "menu_add_item \"test\" test_menu menu \"Menu\"\r"
> send "menu_add_item \"test_menu\" test_menu_action action \"Submenu's
> action\"\r"
> # no successor for menus. Since test_checkbox and test_ring have
> their\r"
> # own predecessors defined the \"ask\" rule will not work for them\r"
> send "menu_set_item \"\" test -prev \"ask\"\r"
> send "menu_set_item \"test\" test_action -next \"test_checkbox\"\r"
> send "menu_set_item \"test\" test_checkbox -next \"test_ring\" -prev
> \"test_action\"\r"
> send "menu_set_item \"test\" test_ring -next \"test_slider\" -prev
> \"test_checkbox\"\r"
> send "menu_set_item \"test\" test_slider -next \"test_numeric\" -prev
> \"test_ring\"\r"
> send "menu_set_item \"test\" test_numeric -next \"test_alpha\" -prev
> \"test_slider\"\r"
> send "menu_set_item \"test\" test_alpha -next \"test_ip\" -prev
> \"test_numeric\"\r"
> send "menu_set_item \"test\" test_ip -next \"test_menu\" -prev
> \"test_alpha\"\r"
> send "menu_set_item \"test\" test_menu_action -next \"_close_\"\r"
> send "hello\r"
> expect "connect"
> # replace the main menu with the client"s menu as created above
> send "menu_set_main \"\"\r"
> interact
> sleep 60
> expect eof
> Thanks
> Jonathan
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