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[Lcdproc] LCDproc and key events

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  • From: jonathan.n.mills at (Jonathan Mills)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] LCDproc and key events
  • Date: Fri, 29 Apr 2016 16:58:23 +0100


I have a installation with lcdproc 0.5.7, and a 16x2 hd44780 connect
through a pi plate with 5 buttons.

The connectivity checks out - using the Adafruit software I can see
text, and I can receive button events.

I can use lcdproc to display text - that all works correctly

But when it comes to trying to use the menus, it swallows all my
commands to lcdproc quite happily without error, but doesn't respond to
any button presses. (or display anything on the screen, but that might
be because i can't press the menu button).

Is there anyway I can see if events are being passed about? Is there a
test mode I can invoke somewhere?

I tried running LCDd from the command line but can't seem to provoke any
debug printing.

That's with LCDd -c /etc/LCDd.conf -d hs44780 -f -so -r 4
(if you put the -f before the -c, it seems to ignore it by the way and
daemonize anyway)

I was trying to use a menu I googled off the web as a starting point

expect <<END
spawn telnet localhost 13666
sleep 2
expect "Escape"
send "hello\r"
expect "connect"

send "client_set -name Example\r"
expect "success"
sleep 1

send "screen_add myscreen\r"
expect "success"
sleep 1

send "client_set name Parenttest\r"
send "menu_add_item \"\" ask menu \"Leave menus?\" -is_hidden true\r"

expect "success"
send "menu_add_item \"ask\" ask_yes action \"Yes\" -next _quit_\r"
send "menu_add_item \"ask\" ask_no action \"No\" -next _close_\r"

expect "success"
send "menu_add_item \"\" test menu \"Test\"\r"
send "menu_add_item \"test\" test_action action \"Action\"\r"
send "menu_add_item \"test\" test_checkbox checkbox \"Checkbox\"\r"
send "menu_add_item \"test\" test_ring ring \"Ring\" -strings
send "menu_add_item \"test\" test_slider slider \"Slider\" -mintext \"\"
-maxtext \"\" -value \"50\"\r"
send "menu_add_item \"test\" test_numeric numeric \"Numeric\" -value
send "menu_add_item \"test\" test_alpha alpha \"Alpha\" -value \"abc\"\r"
send "menu_add_item \"test\" test_ip ip \"IP\" -v6 false -value
send "menu_add_item \"test\" test_menu menu \"Menu\"\r"
send "menu_add_item \"test_menu\" test_menu_action action \"Submenu's

# no successor for menus. Since test_checkbox and test_ring have their\r"
# own predecessors defined the \"ask\" rule will not work for them\r"
send "menu_set_item \"\" test -prev \"ask\"\r"

send "menu_set_item \"test\" test_action -next \"test_checkbox\"\r"
send "menu_set_item \"test\" test_checkbox -next \"test_ring\" -prev
send "menu_set_item \"test\" test_ring -next \"test_slider\" -prev
send "menu_set_item \"test\" test_slider -next \"test_numeric\" -prev
send "menu_set_item \"test\" test_numeric -next \"test_alpha\" -prev
send "menu_set_item \"test\" test_alpha -next \"test_ip\" -prev
send "menu_set_item \"test\" test_ip -next \"test_menu\" -prev
send "menu_set_item \"test\" test_menu_action -next \"_close_\"\r"

send "hello\r"
expect "connect"
# replace the main menu with the client"s menu as created above
send "menu_set_main \"\"\r"
sleep 60
expect eof



  • [Lcdproc] LCDproc and key events, Jonathan Mills, 04/29/2016

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