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[Lcdproc] hd44780 on BananaPi with WiringPi

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  • From: harald at (harald at
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] hd44780 on BananaPi with WiringPi
  • Date: Mon, 02 Nov 2015 16:47:07 +0100

Hi Iker,

On Sun, 1 Nov 2015 21:24:40 +0100, Iker Curro <coiker at> wrote:
> On the other hand WiringPi is used by many
> people on the RaspberryPi, so it is still logical to use it.

I'm not familiar with this Pi business, so sorry if this is a naive
question to you: Can your WiringPi driver do anything that the GPIO
based driver currently doesn't support?

> Now I don't know if I should investigate more.

Well it's Ethan who decides what gets included into lcdproc. I'm just
reviewing patches to get them handled faster, so that the driver I'm
writing hopefully will get in faster too... :)

> Just in case a few comments on your other answers:
>>> 1. I don't know where to configure the use of
>>> I need to call "export LIBS=-lwiringPi" before calling "./configure
>>> --enable-drivers=hd44780". Otherwise the shared library is not used
>>> LCDd fails to start.
>> Have a look at server/drivers/
>> hd44780_LDADD = ...
> Having trouble with the paths now, because that does not add
> to the gcc call but simply puts the name of the object file there. And
> does not find the file in the standard folder.

Well, I don't know anything about autoconf. I always try to solve my
by copying some existing code from some other driver. Looks like symbols
like @LIBUSB_LIBS@ are defined in acinclude.m4, which makes heavy use of
pkg-config. So first question: Is libwiringPi properly supporting


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