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[Lcdproc] MtxOrb driver... include file comment

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  • From: liselorev+lcdproc at (Liselore Vermeulen)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] MtxOrb driver... include file comment
  • Date: Mon, 8 Aug 2011 11:11:28 +0200

> L.S.
> Hi,
> first of all, congratulations and thanks for the effort in lcd proc.
> I'm using this system in a blackbox solution for my customer, since about
> 2000. The version we are using there, was pre 0.5....
> Currently, I'm revisiting your program...
> Some remarks
> in cvs-r05dev, I discover removal of
> #include "lcd.h"
> from the MtxOrb.h file, and probably from other driver header files as
> wel...
> although I didn't check it there.
> 1. the removal of #include "lcd.h" from e.g. MtxOrb.h,
> adds a requirement to the includer of MtxOrb.h
> to also include "lcd.h", otherwise Driver would not be defined.
> I personally appreciate the rule where include files are to be
> "self sufficient"
> i.e.
> - inclusion of one file should not require inclusion of another
> - order of inclusion files is free.
> This is one of the reasons for the almost "common" habit of
> "protecting an include file against multiple inclusion" through
> "ifdef/define/endif constructions".
> 2. I would argument for moving the defines and typedefs from
> MtxOrb.h into MtxOrb.c,
> because:
> - they are (currently) not needed, nor used, outside of the MtxOrb.c.
> - IF another module *would* include MtxOrb.h, (erroneously or while
> needing some functions from it),
> One can easily come up with a construction in which these defines
> (like "DEFAULT_SPEED",... ) could potentially break up (quietly or not)
> that other code.
> Attached you'll find a patch for what I'm suggesting.
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