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[Lcdproc] [PATCH] Add serdisplib driver

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  • From: bsdfan at (Markus Dolze)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] [PATCH] Add serdisplib driver
  • Date: Fri, 31 Dec 2010 15:48:12 +0100

On 22.11.2010 21:16, Bernhard Walle wrote:
> This patch adds a serdisplib driver for the serdisplib library
> ( that is used for low-level accessing of
> dot-matrix
> devices (i.e. such displays that are drived by pixel and not by characters
> unlike HD44780, for example).
> Some important design decisions:
> o The driver is split into lcdgraphic.c and serdisplib.c. All function
> that
> do the character -> pixel "rendering" are split out into lcdgraphic.c,
> so it would be possible to write another low-level driver that uses that
> function. However, in normal cases it makes more sense to add that part
> to
> serdisplib.
> o It only requires FreeType ( for font rendering.
> That's no new real dependency because in almost all cases, graphlcd was
> compiled with FreeType support.

Hello developers,

looking at the new driver I wonder why not making it the other way round?

Bernhard made a 'serdisplib' driver which mostly consists of
'pass-through' functions to the lcdgraphic code.

I would like to start a discussion if we not want to make a 'lcdgraphic'
driver handling the framebuffer, text rendering (with FT as an
additional option to our 6x8 font used elsewhere), bar and icon drawing
and some low-level drivers which transfer that framebuffer to the device
and handle other low level things like backlight, output, and keys.

This architecture would be similar to the hd44780 driver and could be
used to make graphic drivers (like the sed1520, t6963, mdm166a,
i2500vfd) small pieces of connection types.

It may be more effort to establish this architecture and even more work
to convert existing drivers to use it, but at the end it may save us
from duplicating even more work.

Actually I already planned to test more of the graphic drivers (sed1520
and t6963) and do some re-factoring of the 6x8 font and icon handling
code for the time after 0.5.4.


  • [Lcdproc] [PATCH] Add serdisplib driver, Markus Dolze, 12/31/2010

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