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[Lcdproc] Noritake-Itron GU600 series driver

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  • From: peter at (Peter Wurmsdobler)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Noritake-Itron GU600 series driver
  • Date: Tue, 14 Dec 2010 16:14:17 +0000


Over the past few days I finally got around to implement a driver for my
Noritake-Itron VFD, model GU240x64D-K612A8-F2-f7. From Noritake's
technical support I have learned that Noritake-Itron range exposes 5
command interfaces:

- GU 600 series, the products ending in A4/A7/A8.
- GW 600 series, small displays
- GU 7806A series, the LCD compatible range.
- CU KTW series, the character range.
- Message signs.

My GU240x64D-K612A8-F2-f7 is in the first category, which was the reason
for calling my driver NoritakeGU600. I went through the manual and
decided to cut the lcdproc driver in three pieces

1. NoritakeGU600.c|h
the "application-independent" low level code that translates meaningful
commands into a sequence of bytes defined by the protocol. The result is
more or less the technical manual converted into C code, which could be
used with little modification in any system, embedded, Linux, Windows,
etc. This is something Noritake could maintain.

2. NoritakeGU600lcd.c|h
This is the glue code that implements the LCD proc character oriented
interface and translates it into protocol independent calls of the
underlying NoritakeGU600_* functions.
Note that this implementation does not bother going beyond normal
characters (no v and h bars, etc); should I need them, then I would go
through the serialdisp meta driver once available.
(I considered using the graphlcd metadriver for a while, but going to
C++ via an adapter and back to C sounds a bit strange. I would prefer
the whole thing in C++ though).

3. serialport.c|h
I found it worthwhile to "factor out" the serial port into its own
module. Going through the existing drivers I found that all serial
devices seem to implement the same functionality. Perhaps other people
might find it useful to use an instance of this serial port in the
private data rather than copying code across.

Consequently, anybody can use the NoritakeGU600.c|h in another
"applicaton", be it embedded or an alternative to LCDproc, potentially
with a slightly different serialport implementation.

Having said that, I consider integrating the NoritakeGU600.c|h into the
serialdisp project, too, potentially requiring another piece of glue
code, e.g. NoritakeGU600sdisp.c|h . Then all the graphical abilities of
the GU series can be exploited.

LCDd with the Noritake driver works fine for me with XBMC, even though
now and again the LCDproc system information is shown, "#LCDproc Server
####" ... I did not find why that is, perhaps LCDd does not get fed
enough data from XBMC, or the connection breaks. Any ideas?

I am looking forward to receiving some feedback.

Kind regards,

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