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[Lcdproc] Notes on the homepage

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  • From: bsdfan at (Markus Dolze)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Notes on the homepage
  • Date: Fri, 10 Dec 2010 20:11:06 +0100

On 08.12.2010 20:12, Jannis Achstetter wrote:
> (sent again from correct sender-adress)
> Yesterday I browsed the looking for a LCD-client to
> display amarok's currently-playing track and stuff. Though I didn't find
> one (gonna try to write one the next days), here are some things I
> noticed:

The amarok thing has already been answered by Stefan Herdler.

> On the screenshots-page in the upper right corner it says "From LCDproc
> v0.3" but later in the text it's 0.5.3. Here is one "screenshot" you can
> add to the section if you want:
> Taken with lcdproc 0.5.3, my CF-635 it shows the SMP-CPU page with a
> 6-core-CPU.

Although the text in the upper right corner still makes sound I agree it
confuses users and just removed it.

As for the screenshot: While I acknowledge CrystalFontz support of
LCDproc, I prefer to only show the screen without the surrounding case.

> The Hardware-section with the driver-table is really nice work! Well done!

Thanks. I do plan to add more info like library dependencies and type of
display (graphic, text) but that's a lot of work for all those drivers.

> Maybe for the future we should try to unify the dates found on the
> homepage. Most of the time it is "2006-04-28", sometimes "13/4/2006" or
> "13/4/06".

This very depends on who wrote the text, but all new entries should have
'yyyy-mm-dd' format (if exactly known).

> On the clients page, two clients by me are mentioned (hddtemp-lcd and
> amulestats). The URL posted there is outdated, please update it to:
> Thanks!


> Personally I think that section could need an update. The plugins should
> be hosted on the site itself and not just links to homepages (as they
> tend to be unavailable after some years). What I think perfect is this:

I won't support this in general. The 'clients' (don't speak of plug-ins
here) are a set of indepently developed software and we do not provide
infrastructure to those developers to host or update their software on

On request we may put a distribution file on as it happened
with the 'RC5 Stats' and 'lcdwho' clients, but this does not imply any
kind of support for these clients. Clients that we take care of are part
of LCDproc's distribution any live in our CVS.

Anyway, the page could be much more easier to read.

> The history-section could be removed as it's more or less a mirror of
> the "Home"-section.

The history and home sections have been reworked recently and all stuff
before 0.4.3 was moved to the history page. I will keep it because it
gave me some insight on the one decade of LCDproc development done
before I stepped in. And it may be of use for others as well.

The history page contains really old stuff, indeed.

> Nevertheless I see the work that has been done the last years and I know
> that not all of my ideas and notes will be realised. After all they're
> just ideas.
> Jannis

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