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[Lcdproc] dbus interface to lcdproc

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  • From: kripton at (Jannis Achstetter)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] dbus interface to lcdproc
  • Date: Fri, 08 Oct 2010 15:39:42 +0200

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Am 07.10.2010 17:33, schrieb Arne Zellentin:
> Hi,
> has anybody ever devised a dbus interface to lcdproc? We have a customer
> who
> wants to send via dbus messages which get displayed on the lcd until the
> user
> presses a button to confirm the message. Other uses would include entry of
> simple commands through the lcd's keys as well as date/time, password or
> pin.
> While there are no messages to display, lcdproc would be used to present
> system information as it does now.

Currently there is no dbus-support in lcdproc as Markus said. Of course
support could be added to the lcdproc-daemon itself. Another way is to
write a client for lcdproc that is also connected to dbus and reacts on
dbus-messages, making lcdproc show them on the display. This way, dbus
doesn't need to be in lcdproc's core.
Please don't conclude that I don't want dbus in lcdproc - I would really
like that but it should be done in a clean way with a specification and
covering all of the features the TCP-connection has now. Doing this as
"dirty hack for a custumer" might not have that much future.

Best regards,
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