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[Lcdproc] dbus interface to lcdproc

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  • From: bsdfan at (Markus Dolze)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] dbus interface to lcdproc
  • Date: Thu, 07 Oct 2010 22:47:04 +0200

Hello Arne,

thank you for your interest in LCDproc. I welcome companies supporting
LCDproc, especially as we are already support a device made by kernel

Up to now, LCDproc only supports its client language over TCP sockets,
dbus is currently not available.

The client language does allow a client to draw a screen with defined
widgets for displaying formatted data and it may bring its screen to the
front, preventing other screens from being shown. But there is no way to
have a message displayed and acknowledged without a connected client.
This is by design.

As long as a client is connected it may also receive key events from
LCDd (the server). The language allows to enter data using a client
defined menu (with numeric values, text, IP-addresses, sliders and more).

If you would like to contribute to LCDproc you are at the right place.
Usually people send patches to this mailing list and someone interested
will pick it up. You may also submit patches to the
tracking system.

If you want to develop patches for LCDproc, please note these:

* Unless targeting a specific problem with a release, patches should
be against the latest development version (aka current or CVS HEAD).
* Patches should be in unified diff format.
* Dependencies on external libraries (like with dbus) should result
in conditionally compiled code with the option to turn it on/off
using the configure script.
* LCDproc is written in C.
* When committing new files, I will pass them through BSD indent, so
please use C syntax (no C++ commments).
* When modifying existing files, their style should be kept (it may
differ within LCDproc)
* Code should be portable, we support Linux, BSD-like system,
Solaris, MacOS and others.

Markus Dolze

PS: There is no 'team' for which I speak. LCDproc has been developed by
a loose community of companies and interested people. For the last two
years it happened that I be the person committing new code.

On 07.10.2010 17:33, Arne Zellentin wrote:
> Hi,
> has anybody ever devised a dbus interface to lcdproc? We have a customer
> who
> wants to send via dbus messages which get displayed on the lcd until the
> user
> presses a button to confirm the message. Other uses would include entry of
> simple commands through the lcd's keys as well as date/time, password or
> pin.
> While there are no messages to display, lcdproc would be used to present
> system information as it does now.
> I couldn't find mention of such functionality, with or without dbus. Have I
> overlooked something?
> If nobody started something like this, I'd be willing to implement it.
> The data entry part would probably be device specific as it will need a
> certain
> number of keys to work but I'll try to keep it as generic as possible.
> Our customer is (like us) a strong supporter of open source software and
> would
> eventually like to see our additions accepted upstream. Would you accept
> patches realizing the above? If there are any conditions for patch
> approval,
> what would they be?
> Thank you for any feedback.
> Arne Zellentin

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