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[Lcdproc] dbus interface to lcdproc

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  • From: arne.zellentin at (Arne Zellentin)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] dbus interface to lcdproc
  • Date: Thu, 7 Oct 2010 17:33:41 +0200


has anybody ever devised a dbus interface to lcdproc? We have a customer who
wants to send via dbus messages which get displayed on the lcd until the user
presses a button to confirm the message. Other uses would include entry of
simple commands through the lcd's keys as well as date/time, password or pin.
While there are no messages to display, lcdproc would be used to present
system information as it does now.

I couldn't find mention of such functionality, with or without dbus. Have I
overlooked something?

If nobody started something like this, I'd be willing to implement it.

The data entry part would probably be device specific as it will need a
number of keys to work but I'll try to keep it as generic as possible.

Our customer is (like us) a strong supporter of open source software and
eventually like to see our additions accepted upstream. Would you accept
patches realizing the above? If there are any conditions for patch approval,
what would they be?

Thank you for any feedback.

Arne Zellentin
kernel concepts GbR Tel: +49-271-771091-16
Sieghuetter Hauptweg 48 Fax: +49-271-771091-19
D-57072 Siegen

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