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[Lcdproc] text output to LCD

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  • From: ptmusta at (Pasi Mustalahti)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] text output to LCD
  • Date: Mon, 23 Aug 2010 19:16:18 +0300

> PTM: It was not so difficult after all. I just made some modifications
> to the C code and now I can use it in scripts. I will try to make it a
> bit better. Just now the program can only throw a string to the LCD. It
> doesn't handle any commands nor are the character places addressable.
> Also the keys might be fun even if I don't need them in my system.

PTM: I made the modifications, but has not had time to test it
thoroughly. You can find the modified binary and source in my server:
I removed M$Win parts from the code, but they can easily be returned, if
you really hate yourself.
There is even some kind of doc, hastily cooked, but it should contain
some information, too.

Please comments !

(Now I can continue with the main project. This LCD is just a small part
of it, even though it is rather important. Normal TFT or LCD is just
black in direct sunlight. I had to use monochrome LCD to show the
process is running. A monochrome LCD would bee great in a field laptop.
With this LCD I can now use a bare pico mainboard.)

Pasi Mustalahti

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