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[Lcdproc] text output to LCD

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  • From: ptmusta at (Pasi Mustalahti)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] text output to LCD
  • Date: Sun, 22 Aug 2010 10:37:54 +0300

On 08/21/2010 02:54 PM, Pasi Mustalahti wrote:
> It contains one test program with sources. I took the sources and made
> some modifications to it to test it.
> Now I'm going to try to change the code so, that I can invoke the
> program with some command line parameters.
> Like this:
> lcd2usb2 c, [Lines, Cols,] [line,col,][text]
> Where c is a command (clear, read, write, move...)
> Lines, Cols tell the dimensions of the glass
> line,col is the new point
> text is the string to be output
> Like that it can be called from any language or script.
> Besides, I'm not going to need but these lcd2usb modules.
> So far this I have made nothing, because thus far I have managed to live
> without C language and now I got to read some good book.
> If only it were Basic, I might have done it already.
> If I have time manage with this, I'll publish it somewhere and give a
> note in this thread

PTM: It was not so difficult after all. I just made some modifications
to the C code and now I can use it in scripts. I will try to make it a
bit better. Just now the program can only throw a string to the LCD. It
doesn't handle any commands nor are the character places addressable.
Also the keys might be fun even if I don't need them in my system.

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