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  • From: myersjw at (Jon Myers)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] graphs
  • Date: Mon, 5 Apr 2010 11:38:30 -0400

At 05:49 AM 4/3/2010, you wrote:

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> > Datum: Fri, 2 Apr 2010 22:49:28 -0400
> > Von: "Myers, Jon W" <MyersJW at>
> > An: "lcdproc at" <lcdproc at>
> > Betreff: [Lcdproc] graphs
> > Greetings! I've just recently gotten into lcdproc, and written a client
> > to display some basic information, just so I know I can do it.
> > I'm using a CrystalFontz 20x4 display (XE634BK-YFB-KU).
> > Is it possible to display a "high definition" graph? As in, not using
> > whole blocks in a graph, but individual pixels. I've played
> around with vbar,
> > but I just cant grasp it.
> > a single character block I think is 8x5. So I'd like to be able to light
> > up lets say, the bottom 3 pixels on top of eachother (first column), then
> > 7
> > pixels in the next column, etc.. etc.. etc.. Is this even possible? I
> > was going to cheat, and use set_char to make my own custom characters,
> > but
> > it seems set_char is in the driver itself, which I'd rather not touch.
> > But
> > I'd like to somehow bitmap a whole block of a line, then still be able to
> > print a few text characters at the end of that line (or I can bitmap those
> > as well I suppose, creating my own fontset if I have to).
> >
> > I've tried "widget_set test vbar 1 4 7", and such, and have only gotten a
> > single solid line on the bottom of that character. in the docs, vbar
> > talks
> > about "x,y". Does it mean x,y as in character positions, or pixels?
> >
> > Also, if this can indeed be done, is there a driver for X? (The display
> > is at work, and I'm at home, so trying to play on my local
> machine here, and
> > the curses driver is text only, so vbars might not work, even if I can
> > address indiv. pixels).
> >
> > - - - Jon
> >
>bars do make use of lines/columns within a character. There are some
>restrictions however:
>- hBars only grow from left to right and (usually - depending on the
>driver) take up the full height of a cell.
>- vBars only grow from buttom to top and take up the full width of a cell.
>- It is not possible to show pixels "in the middle of a bar".
>- The width/height is given in colums/rows, whereas the position is
>given in charcters.
>Thus "vbar 1 4 7" should display a vertical bar starting in colum 1,
>row 4 of the display and should be 7 pixels height (a full block).
>I currently don't have my Crystalfontz displays at hand, but I will
>check this next week.
>Regarding custom characters: There is no way do use your own custom
>characters with LCDproc except you modify the source yourself.
>There is an "xosd" driver that may work for you. See

Thanks for the information. I have xosd working, but I'm not sure it
will work for my testing, as it seems xosd cannot render a vbar, as
there is no font for it maybe?

I'm using:
widget_set vbarA 1 4 2
widget_set vbarB 2 4 5
widget_set vbarC 3 4 7

and I'm getting three pipe characters | (all same size) next to
eachother. But I guess I'll test on the actual display and see what happens.

- - - Jon

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