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[Lcdproc] Onexit=1 not working Ubuntu 9.10

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  • From: at (George)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Onexit=1 not working Ubuntu 9.10
  • Date: Sat, 27 Feb 2010 17:22:59 +0100

Hi again

Sorry for not answering before but too busy.

Below my answers and comments

On 22/02/2010 17:51, jk wrote:
> George,
> Apologies for the delay...
> ----- Original Message ----
>> From: George< at> Sent: Tue, February 16, 2010
>> 10:30:26 AM Subject: [Lcdproc] Onexit=1 not working Ubuntu 9.10
>> I have my imonlcd working, or at least it displays the info on the
>> screen. However I have set OnExit=1 as to display the big clock on
>> shutdown. The clock is not always displayed and sometimes it is.
>> What is the reason for that? Besides that if I set OnExit=2
>> (shutdown LCD screen), it doesn't work.
> Shouldn't be a reason for that...
> Things to check: - What version of the display do you have? (
> "lsusb | grep -i 15c2" )

It is an imonlcd version 15c2:0038.

> - Are you using lcdproc from a repository, or are you compiling from
> source? Are you using v0.5.3?

I'm using lcdproc-0.5.3-0ubuntu1, so from a repository.

> - In your LCD.conf file, do you have "Driver=imonlcd"?


> - Are you modifying "OnExit" in the [imonlcd] section?


> - Are you checking the "OnExit" actions by shutting down the computer
> or by shutting down LCDd? ( "sudo /etc/init.d/LCDd stop" is the
> easiest way to check the exit behavior)
I was checking it by shutting down the computer. When I shutdown the
LCDd down it seems to be working perfectly.

However when shutting down the computer, it seems that the action OnExit
takes place, but after a second or so the display is kind of reset. For
example, when setting onexit=2 so the LCD is switch off, during the
shutdown process the LCD is shutdown, but as soon as it ends the
backlight is back on.

I have an Antec Fusion Remote Black. Is this a normal behaviour when
using this case?

> - Verify that LCDd is using the config file that you're actually
> modifying by running LCDd in the foreground: "sudo LCDd -f -s 0 -r
> 5" and checking its output.

The file is the correct one /etc/LCDd.conf

> -Jonathan

Thanks a lot.

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