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[Lcdproc] New firmware for LCD2USB with extended keypad support...

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  • From: dl9sec at (Thorsten Godau)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] New firmware for LCD2USB with extended keypad support...
  • Date: Mon, 15 Feb 2010 20:08:59 +0100


i extended Till Harbaum's firmware x.08 for LCD2USB to support
a up to 12 pushbuttons keymatrix and did some further updates.
Here is the complete list of changes:

- Latest V-USB sourcecodes 20090822 used.
Replaced "avrusb" by "vusb".
Used latest "usbconfig.h" and modified it for LCD2USB.

- Latest USBTINY sourcecodes v1.4 used.
Therefore replaced "main.hex/elf" by "firmware-usbtiny.hex/elf"
in usbtiny/
Therefore added prototype of usb_setup() within the #ifdef-branch
#define usbInit() usb_init()
#define usbPoll() usb_poll()

// Prototype of usb_setup()
byte_t usb_setup ( byte_t data[8] );

Removed "extern" from usb_setup().

- Changed startup message from
"LCD2USB V1.08 both!"
"2nd ctrl both!"
"LCD2USB V1.09 1st OK"
"LCD2USB V1.09 2nd OK"

where "1st" is the first LCD-controller controlled by EN0 and
"2nd" is the second LCD-controller controlled by EN1.
"OK" is written to both at a time wirh EN0 and EN1 activated.

- Added extended keypad functionality (see Keypad.txt).
A keypad with up to 12 keys can be connected to the existing
hardware. The extension is backward compatible to the PCB version
1.1 by Till Harbaum.

- Added a "LCD2USB SMD-Edition" (see LCD2USBsed_Front.jpg and
LCD2USBsed_Back.jpg). The board has a cuttable 7-buttons keypad.
The keypad can be used with LCDproc (Keymatrix_X_Y).

The complete package with the latest firmware can be found here:

Have fun...

Regards, Thorsten

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