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[Lcdproc] install-server target installs client doco

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  • From: TELarson at (Larson, Timothy E.)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] install-server target installs client doco
  • Date: Fri, 29 Jan 2010 08:32:30 -0600

> For server LCDd.8 and lcdproc-config.5 are installed. For clients
> lcdproc.1, lcdexec.1, lcdvc.1, and lcdproc-config.5 are installed.
> That's correct.
> man_MANS and man#_MANS should have the same result in our case, as
> we
> name the man files by their correct section number (.1 .5 .8).

IIRC, there was some handling for the man#_MANS, but they were just never
defined separately, AFAICT. That's why it seemed unfinished to me.

> I don't know why there are no separate uninstall targets, but a
> 'make
> uninstall' suceeds in both cases. On most OS uninstallation is
> handled
> OS specific packaging tools anyway.

Correct. I'm packaging lcdproc as "server" and "clients" packages, as there
will certainly be times when you only want clients. I don't want
uninstalling one to wipe out the docs for the other. That's how I stumbled
upon this.


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