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[Lcdproc] Older vfd lockups

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  • From: shane at (Shane Blackett)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Older vfd lockups
  • Date: Wed, 20 Jan 2010 21:48:01 +1300

On 19/01/10 03:15, jk wrote:
> Are you sure you're using the correct lcdproc driver (LCD vs VFD)?

I think I understand the misused device numbers.
I believe I have a VFD device, it looks identical to the image
in for the VFD in the link you provided below:

The display did work with Ubuntu 9.04 (although locked up after a long
time, sometimes running for more than a week).
It does start up now, but always locks after a few frames of the LCDd
server scrolling, resulting in text which is similar to the image for
the VFD at
I have to power the machine off at the wall to reset it.

I'm surprised that if I have the wrong device that it would might work
at all, I guess the I assumed that fact that it starts up implied to me
that it is getting the right device type.

> (more below)
> ----- Original Message ----
>> From: Shane Blackett<shane at>
>> Sent: Sat, January 16, 2010 8:02:05 PM
>> Subject: [Lcdproc] Older vfd lockups
>> I have been working with the imon lcd driver for about a year.
>> Initially I used Ubuntu 9.04 and sometimes it would work for days at
a time but
>> occasionally it would lock hard and you could not unload the module
or restart
>> LCDd.
>> Upon upgrading to Ubuntu 9.10 it now works for about a second after
each reboot
>> and then locks hard the same.
>> Intially it wrote some urb errors, which I found a thread on, and
>> experimenting with some delays. I didn't have any success though
finding any
>> values that helped me.
>> However now it doesn't write the same errors to the log, it just
locks up.
>> I installed the special package for enabling development of the lirc
>> source modules from source and have been tinkering with these...
>> ...
>> [ 18.672357] lirc_imon: imon_probe: found iMON device (15c2:ffdc,
>> ...
>> Shane.
> It looks like you have device version 15c2:ffdc, which can be an LCD
or VFD, and the lcdproc drivers are different for each.
> After confirming that you actually have a VFD (or LCD), I recommend
removing all aspects of lirc and lcdproc (all config files, etc) and
then reinstalling them. An :ffdc device should work out of the box with
the newer versions of lirc (>=0.8.4a) and lcdproc (0.5.3). A VFD
probably works with older versions than that.

My lirc is 0.8.6 from the ubuntu lirc-modules-source package. I diffed
this with 0.8.6 lirc src tar ball and there are only packaging
differences as far as I can see.

My lcdproc is 0.5.3,

I will have another go. I hadn't seen this page before, although there
is very little in it:
As I upgraded this box from 9.04 to 9.10 there could be some issue with
a mismatched configuration, but I have read all the files many times
before resorting to building from source.

> Unfortunately, SoundGraph likes to change is protocols around a lot,
and that causes the issues between the VFD and LCD, and even with
different versions of the LCD. It's even more annoying that the :ffdc
device designation is assigned to a VFD and an LCD.
> LIRC has been working with :ffdc devices for a while now, and LCDPROC
since it's most recent version, v0.5.3.

Yes I see that it has been supported for a while. I guess I was
wondering if something that is changing in the underlying kernel is
causing these devices to break. Problems with locking up seem to be
relatively common on this list, across a number of devices, somewhat
resolved with some delays, which is why I tried this.

> Other than ensuring that your configuration files are correct, you
shouldn't have to mess with anything to get them working.
> Things are a bit different for newer versions of the LCD, which
required more tweaks to LIRC.
> Some references:
> * - older information (circa 2008),
but good pictures and overall descriptions.
> * (see the
notes on the bottom)
> * - an old thread
that deals with lcdproc v0.5.2 and ubuntu 8.10, but has some background
on what's going on. lcdproc v0.5.3 has slightly different options in
the LCDd.conf file.

Thanks for giving lots of information.
I have read these many times before and read these again today.
I guess I could be missing something.

I stopped the LCDd service from starting so I could control the start
It just starts up and nothing seems to be written, maybe I need to up
its output.
blackett at blackett-mythtv:~$ sudo LCDd -f -s 0 -r 4
LCDd version 0.5.3 starting
Built on Oct 14 2009, protocol version 0.3, API version 0.5
Using Configuration File: /etc/LCDd.conf
Set report level to 4, output to stderr
LCDd 0.5.3, LCDproc Protocol 0.3
Part of the LCDproc suite
Copyright (C) 1998-2009 William Ferrell, Scott Scriven
and many other contributors

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2
of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation,
Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA.

Server running in foreground
Listening for queries on
imon: using Device /dev/lcd0
Key "Escape" is now reserved exclusively by client [-1]
Key "Enter" is now reserved shared by client [-1]
Key "Up" is now reserved shared by client [-1]
Key "Down" is now reserved shared by client [-1]
screenlist_switch: switched to screen [_server_screen]

From the dmesg log I get to see the transition from working to failing
with my printf debugging:

[ 51.257096] lirc_imon: Writing data 32 70200707

[ 51.261100] lirc_imon: send_packet ffff880122632cac 8

[ 51.345084] lirc_imon: send_packet ffff880122632cac 8

[ 51.356815] lirc_imon: send_packet ffff880122632cac 8

[ 51.364907] lirc_imon: send_packet ffff880122632cac 8

[ 51.373113] lirc_imon: send_packet ffff880122632cac 8

[ 51.380840] lirc_imon: send_packet ffff880122632cac 8

[ 51.385009] lirc_imon: Writing data 32 44200707

[ 51.389009] lirc_imon: send_packet ffff880122632cac 8

[ 51.470104] lirc_imon: send_packet ffff880122632cac 8

[ 71.972696] lirc_imon: send_packet: task interrupted

[ 71.976703] lirc_imon: send_packet ffff880122632cac 8

[ 71.976706] lirc_imon: send_packet: error submitting urb(-22)

[ 71.976708] lirc_imon: vfd_write: send packet failed for packet #1

[ 71.980726] lirc_imon: send_packet ffff880122632cac 8

[ 71.980730] lirc_imon: send_packet: error submitting urb(-22)

[ 71.980732] lirc_imon: vfd_write: send packet failed for packet #0

[ 71.980737] display port closed

[ 74.549012] display port opened

[ 74.553383] lirc_imon: send_packet ffff880122632cac 8

[ 74.553386] lirc_imon: send_packet: error submitting urb(-22)

[ 74.553389] lirc_imon: vfd_write: send packet failed for packet #0

[ 74.678589] lirc_imon: send_packet ffff880122632cac 8

[ 74.678592] lirc_imon: send_packet: error submitting urb(-22)

[ 74.678594] lirc_imon: vfd_write: send packet failed for packet #0

[ 74.803680] lirc_imon: send_packet ffff880122632cac 8

[ 74.803682] lirc_imon: send_packet: error submitting urb(-22)

[ 74.803684] lirc_imon: vfd_write: send packet failed for packet #0

[ 74.928515] lirc_imon: send_packet ffff880122632cac 8

[ 74.928517] lirc_imon: send_packet: error submitting urb(-22)

[ 74.928519] lirc_imon: vfd_write: send packet failed for packet #0

[ 75.053571] lirc_imon: send_packet ffff880122632cac 8

The display port entries coincide with me restarting LCDd.

When the device is locked I cannot remove the module either.
sudo modprobe -r lirc_imon
hangs and never returns.

Thanks for your patience.


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