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[Lcdproc] How to build a Debian-package from the LCDproc sources?

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  • From: dl9sec at (Thorsten Godau)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] How to build a Debian-package from the LCDproc sources?
  • Date: Wed, 13 Jan 2010 19:34:03 +0100

Hi David,

> You could create a .deb package using "checkinstall" instead of "make
> install":
> cd /path/to/lcdproc-source
> ./configure
> make
> sudo checkinstall

Yes, i know checkinstall. As far as i understood, checkinstall "wraps"
around "make install" and monitors what "make install" would do.
The binaries are packed together with the generated install scripts.

> That's what I do in Ubuntu when I want to install software from source,
> and it works well. It will generate a .deb package in the source
> directory, and then install it. The package can be updated or removed
> through apt-get, aptitude or synaptic. Since Ubuntu is Debian based,
> I guess it should work just the same on Debian.

I already tried this, but that's not what i want.

Someone built the official Debian lcdproc package. Therefore he/she
has to configure the makefile and to tune the thing with all these
parameters to integrate seamless into an existing Debian installation,
including all the scripting-stuff to start the daemon within the
But what are these parameters??
I saw, that there is a directory "/scrips" and "scrips/debian". Maybe
all the stuff inside is exactly what i need, but i don't know how!

The little README says:

"Simply copy the debian/ directory to the top-level source directory,
adapt the call in debian/rules to your wishes, call dpkg -rfakeoot -sd
and you're done."

What the hell are "my whishes"? ;-)) Should i really poke around in
a configuration file i do not understand?
Is the top-level source directory where "CREDITS" is located?
Why is the "/debian"-directory not located there right from the start?
And: what happens with "dpkg -rfakeoot -sd". Will a .deb-package appear,
which installs exactly like the package from the Debian repository?

So this little sentence above poses more questions than gave me
answers :-))

I would be really great if someone can provide a little how-to...

Thanks in advance.

Regards, Thorsten

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