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[Lcdproc] [PATCH] Custom "good bye file"

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  • From: david.glaude at (David Glaude)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] [PATCH] Custom "good bye file"
  • Date: Mon, 11 Jan 2010 22:58:38 +0100

Sound interesting feature...
I understand it is easy to have it comming from a file (so that something
else can create and update the file).

But what about this?

Is there some priviledge escalation that could come from this.
Someone that has the right to modify LCDd.conf as the right to display on
the LCD any file that LCDproc can access?

I would prefer some other way to update the "GoodByeScreen".

It could be a "special lcdproc client" that use a new feature of LCDproc API
in order to "record" what should be the content of the GoodByeScreen next
time it is needed.

It would permit to use all the feature that are available in LCDproc such
* custom icon
* hbar/vbar
* bignum

It would be a normal client that say:
1) Hello I am about to build a GoodByeScreen (= do not display what I will
tell you)
2) Display this / put that hbar there / use that bignum here / place that
icon there / ...
3) Take a snapshoot of what should be on screen if I was currently the only
client actif (without hartbeat or other distraction)
4) Goodbye

That could be a LCDproc way of implementing this feature... anybody that can
display something on screen can also set/change what will be display at the

No priviledge issue and full feature set available... just "a lot" of coding
required on the server side.

The other option is to have the full GoodByeScreen in the configuration

What do you think?

David Glaude

2010/1/11 Christian Leuschen <christian.leuschen at>

> Hello list,
> to display information after LCDd exited, I created a patch that allows
> reading the content of a custom file. The lines in this file are then
> displayed e.g. during standby of the computer (if the display is provided
> with power in standby).
> New entry in LCDd.conf:
> # Custom file for setting the goodbye message with runtime information that
> is not available at server startup
> GoodByeFile=/etc/LCDd.goodbye
> The content of the file may be something like (a timer for a recording that
> shall be done - depending on the number of lines your display provides):
> "07.01. 20:13 ProSieb
> Die gro?e Quatsch Winter Show"
> Maybe the patch is useful for any other person except me, maybe it might be
> include into the lcdproc sources ...
> However, I did not put much effort into debugging it. It works as is for me
> ;-).
> Greets,
> Christian
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