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[Lcdproc] #twatch network LCD backpack

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  • From: bsdfan at (Markus Dolze)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] #twatch network LCD backpack
  • Date: Tue, 05 Jan 2010 20:52:28 +0100

David Glaude wrote:
> Hello,
> For those that remind me (David Glaude)... no I am not back yet into
> LCDproc developpement... mostly because I don't have a linux computer
> handy for that and because I should clear with my day job any issue
> about my right to release software I develop during the night under GPL.

Since Peter disappeared a year ago, I am happy for any support to the
project, especially by people who worked on it before.

> I contact you because I made a nice discovery, fastly followed by an
> aquisition (the hardware is now running next to me). And I would love
> (I am not alone) to use that under LCDproc control.
> It is a networked LCD with enough hardware to hold a twitter "client"
> and emulate a subset of Matrix Orbital protocol when those byte are
> send over a TCP connection on port 1337.
> I don't think this hardware can run a full LCDproc server... so it
> still need an LCDproc server to drive it.
> What is missing is a new driver (a simplified MatrixOrbital driver
> wich open the TCP connection).
> Maybe it is possible to write a program that fake and /dev/ttyS device
> and make the TCP connection and bridge every byte. Then run the MO
> driver to send to this "device" (assuming enough of MO protocol is
> emulated).
> Is there any driver currently in LCDproc CVS that does a TCP connection?

The hd44780-ethlcd driver does this.

> I remember that years ago, I had the plan to separate in driver what
> is relative to the "protocol" and what is relative to the
> "communication channel".
> Somehow, each and every driver does rewrite (copy and paste) the code
> to open a serial interface and set the speed (or else).
> Here (maybe for the first time) we have a known protocol (MO) with an
> unknow communication channel (Open a TCP connection).
> Did anybody work on this idea?

I recently changed some driver's serial port handling (by using
cfmakeraw) and was short to refactor the serial code, because touching
24+ drivers is hell. And we are getting more drivers...

Some MO support an I2C interface. I hope to have an I2C interface for my
development machine soon, so I can test I2C for other drivers. And I
thought of trying it with my MO LK202.


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