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[Lcdproc] #twatch network LCD backpack

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  • From: david.glaude at (David Glaude)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] #twatch network LCD backpack
  • Date: Mon, 4 Jan 2010 22:01:07 +0100

2010/1/4 Larson, Timothy E. <TELarson at>

> > For those that remind me (David Glaude)... no I am not back yet into
> > LCDproc developpement... mostly because I don't have a linux computer
> > handy for that
> Well, it doesn't _have_ to be Linux. :)

I did not mean "Linux" per se... but any Free or Open operating system
running on a common desktop CPU (I have two NLSU2 and other hardware running
linux inside but not really fitted for making a "normal" compile).

However, I have a Mac mini running Snow Leopard under my finger...
A nice asset if there is no active maintainer for the OSX version of
Does it build without too much trouble with Apple provided compiler and
other tools?

If it compile and work on my Box and that Ethan can double check that the
same code compile and run as expected on his how hardware (+ an additionnal
friend with the same hardware) then I think it should be good enough for
merging into a futur release of LCDproc.

But I am not coding yet and I need to clear the thing below.

> and because I should clear with my day job any issue
> about my right to release software I develop during the night under
> GPL.

I've heard about places like that. :( Kind of sad to think that "your own
> time" isn't really, but that's reality for ya...

I am not sure I work in a place like that... but I know I need to check
first because the place were I work is bounded by a lot of legal and
administrative rules.
I just want to avoir jeopardise any GPL project without double checking
first and having some written trace that it is OK.

David Glaude
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