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[Lcdproc] #twatch network LCD backpack

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  • From: ethan.dicks at (Ethan Dicks)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] #twatch network LCD backpack
  • Date: Sat, 2 Jan 2010 20:39:37 -0500

On 1/2/10, David Glaude <david.glaude at> wrote:
> Hello,

Hi, David,

> For those that remind me (David Glaude)... no I am not back yet into LCDproc
> development... mostly because I don't have a linux computer handy for that
> and because I should clear with my day job any issue about my right to
> release software I develop during the night under GPL.

Fair enough, but it's good to hear from you again.

> I contact you because I made a nice discovery, fastly followed by an
> aquisition (the hardware is now running next to me). And I would love (I am
> not alone) to use that under LCDproc control.
> It is a networked LCD with enough hardware to hold a twitter "client" and
> emulate a subset of Matrix Orbital protocol when those byte are send over a
> TCP connection on port 1337.

I happen to have one, too. I've powered it up, but haven't had time
over the holidays to do much with it.

> If #twatch firmware was to be modified or rewritten from scratch, what would
> you have done differently?
> My idea:
> * Drop the twitter client


> * Make it more LCDproc specific (trying to match LCDproc driver API)

Sounds good.

> At least, there is a potential for LCDproc specific firmware or feature.


I'm working on other projects right now (like Makerbots/RepRaps) and
don't have enough free time to spearhead a new LCDproc driver, but I'm
happy to help and test. I'm perfectly happy to test new firmware,
etc., not just server code.


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