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[Lcdproc] wrapping around to last menu entry issues

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  • From: meikster at (Michael K.)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] wrapping around to last menu entry issues
  • Date: Thu, 19 Nov 2009 15:41:36 +0100


I'm using a CrystalFontz CFA 635 LCD, and since I don't have any other LCD
to test, I don't know if this problem can be easily reproduced.

Here is the problem: there is no wrapping up to the last menu entry when I
press "UP" while my cursor is on the first menu entry: actually, the "title"
line shifts to the second line and I get a very weird result.

I made a little fix, which doesn't wrap, but actually prevents the title bar
from shifting in a dirty manner. That's in "server/menu.c" around line 712
(I used CVS-current-20091103 version, but I had the same problem with
Ubuntu's packaged version):

else if (menu-> == 0)
menu-> = 0;
menu-> = 0;

I know that this workaround is very dirty, but since I just wanted to fix my
problem, I just spent 5 minutes in the code (actually I hacked some code
that did the right thing, but the title bar wasn't displayed when I pressed
the "up" key while having the cursor on the first line, before jumping to
the last line)

By the way, I have another question: Let's say that I want to create a menu
which permits me to input an IP address using CIDR notation (i.e. ""), is there a way to do so ? Or is there any documention
explaining how to add custom menu types in LCDd ? (or someone who can
explain this maybe ? :))


Regards, Michael

Michael Kandharsingh.
"SoftIce est avant tout un desassembleur."
E.D au proces en appel de Guillermito
- "I detest life-insurance agents: they always argue that I shall some
die, which is not so."
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