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[Lcdproc] [PATCH] Allow backlight to work on imonlcd

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  • From: willu.mailingLists at (William Uther)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] [PATCH] Allow backlight to work on imonlcd
  • Date: Wed, 17 Jun 2009 17:03:20 +1000

On 17/06/2009, at 3:55 PM, Markus Dolze wrote:

> William Uther wrote:
>> Hi,
>> As it seems to be agreed that incorrect configuration can lead to
>> screen flashing, that would seem to be the reason someone added the
>> bogus return to the imonlcd driver. Can this be removed please?
>> A simple patch to revert the bogus 'fix' is attached.
> Hi,
> after reading the code comment I am not sure if an incorrect
> configuration was the source of that author's problem. The comment
> describes the fact that the display is turned OFF for some reason. But
> using the serverscreen will only turn the backlight ON.

For those following along at home, here is the comment. It appears at
the top of the imonlcd backlight function:

- /*
- * TODO: For some reason, lcdproc keeps calling this and flipping the
- * 'on' so you end up flashing the backlight for no particular reason
- * (and on my Antec, turning the backlight off, turns the whole thing
- * off, so it's really bad...)
- */
- return;

I read the comment as saying two things:
a) their backlight was being switched on and off (or off and on).
This happened to me under lcdproc head, but not the last release of
lcdproc when used with MythTV.
b) turning the backlight off switches off the "whole thing", "so
it's really bad". I don't know exactly what is meant by "whole thing"
here. With my device (also an Antec, but there are many imon devices
used by Antec) turning the backlight off leaves the remote control
working. I'm not sure what else would be counted in "while thing".
It doesn't shut down my machine. :)

Part a) seems to describe the result of the configuration error
discussed where MythTV fights with the serverscreen about whether the
backlight should be on. It can be fixed by, amongst other methods,
turning serverscreen off in the LCDd config file.
Part b) is confusing, but adding "Backlight=on" to the config file
would seem to be a better fix than commenting out functionality that
other people can use.

> However, I will commit your 'fix' because currently the backlight
> feature is completely disabled and we therefore will never get any
> feedback if its correctly working or not.

Thank you.

> BTW: You don't need to submit patches more than once. Just reply to
> your
> old mail or send a link to the mailing list archive.

The two patches I sent are different, although they both address the
same issue. Only one should be applied. The first patch added a
configuration option - I wasn't sure what the person who put that
return in was seeing, and by adding a config option I wouldn't break
anything for anyone. The second patch removed the return statement
entirely - I am more confident now that current config options can
already fix any issues.

Be well,

Will :-}

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