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[Lcdproc] [patch] imonlcd backlight option

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  • From: willu.mailingLists at (William Uther)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] [patch] imonlcd backlight option
  • Date: Sat, 6 Jun 2009 18:06:17 +1000

Hi all,

Just joined the mailing list to suggest this small change
(hopefully before the next release?). The imonlcd driver recently
added has a return statement at the front of the imonlcd_backlight()
function stopping it from doing anything. The comment in front of it

* TODO: For some reason, lcdproc keeps calling this and
flipping the
* 'on' so you end up flashing the backlight for no
particular reason
* (and on my Antec, turning the backlight off, turns the
whole thing
* off, so it's really bad...)

I wanted to turn off my backlight, so I removed that return statement
to let the function work. It seems to work just fine for me. When
the backlight is off the whole display turns off, but turns back on
when you turn the backlight back on. I've been using it that way for
at least 6 months.

I thought it must have been turned off for a reason however, so rather
than just remove it I thought it would be better to add an option to
switch it off. I'd really like to understand why the return statement
was originally added.

Anyway, the patch below is pretty self-explanatory.

Be well,

Will :-}

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  • [Lcdproc] [patch] imonlcd backlight option, William Uther, 06/06/2009

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