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[Lcdproc] small driver patches to support older compilers and systems

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  • From: TELarson at (Larson, Timothy E.)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] small driver patches to support older compilers and systems
  • Date: Tue, 26 May 2009 22:44:07 -0500

> First here is a summary of your patches:
> 1. Changes required to build with gcc 2.95
> 2. Changes requires to build hd44780 on AIX
> a) Definitions from termios.h
> b) Including <strings.h>
> c) Conditionally include <stdint.h>
> Here is what I observed:
> 1. No problem. I fixed a couple of those last week.

Yes, these are very minor/trivial.

> 2a) This turned out to be a larger thing. Standardized (Open Group, Posix)
> are
> only speeds up to 38400. Everything larger is an extension. Thus not only
> the
> hd44780 driver is affected, but those as well:

This termio stuff may be the real stinker, in my opinion.

> 2b) This is specifically related to 'strcasecmp' and 'strncasecmp'. Some
> systems
> (looks like all those we supported up to now) either have those prototypes
> in
> string.h or include strings.h. AIX does not seem to do this.
> 2c) Not a problem.

Conditional inclusion of stdint.h is also needed for Solaris support.

> So, I will include 1 and 2c, but to fix building on AIX a lot of changes
> are
> required. Fixing 2b) could be done easily, but fixing 2a) is too much work
> than
> I want to put into fixing this for the release right now.
> If you only want to use the hd44780 driver on AIX, I would include your
> fix, but
> if you want to have it fixed completely, I will defer this to 0.5.4.

For the short term, I only care about hd44780 on AIX. Obviously it would be
better to have a complete fix, but I agree that can be deferred until later.
In fact, I'd support not pushing any of the 2a fixes into this release, if
there's any concern of regression. 2b is just a matter of including
strings.h in a few files that don't already do this, so should be trivial,
but even that could wait. As much as I'd like to see the AIX support I want,
I'd rather see a good/solid release sooner rather than waiting on features
only one person cares about.


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