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[Lcdproc] small driver patches to support older compilers and systems

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  • From: bsdfan at (Markus Dolze)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] small driver patches to support older compilers and systems
  • Date: Sun, 24 May 2009 12:44:18 +0200

Hi Tim,

I had a closer look at your patches and the implications of it.

First here is a summary of your patches:
1. Changes required to build with gcc 2.95
2. Changes requires to build hd44780 on AIX
a) Definitions from termios.h
b) Including <strings.h>
c) Conditionally include <stdint.h>

Here is what I observed:
1. No problem. I fixed a couple of those last week.

2a) This turned out to be a larger thing. Standardized (Open Group, Posix)
are only speeds up to 38400. Everything larger is an extension. Thus not only
the hd44780 driver is affected, but those as well:

CFontz, CFontz633, CFontzPaket, MD8800, NoritakeVFD, glk, pylcd, serialVFD
and wirz-sli.

2b) This is specifically related to 'strcasecmp' and 'strncasecmp'. Some
systems (looks like all those we supported up to now) either have those
prototypes in string.h or include strings.h. AIX does not seem to do this.

This affects not only the hd44780 driver, but
as well.

2c) Not a problem.

So, I will include 1 and 2c, but to fix building on AIX a lot of changes are
required. Fixing 2b) could be done easily, but fixing 2a) is too much work
than I want to put into fixing this for the release right now.

If you only want to use the hd44780 driver on AIX, I would include your fix,
but if you want to have it fixed completely, I will defer this to 0.5.4.


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