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[Lcdproc] Driver for SoundGraph iMON LCD imported

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  • From: Matt at (Matt Smith)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Driver for SoundGraph iMON LCD imported
  • Date: Thu, 21 May 2009 14:08:03 +1000

Hi Jonathan,

On 21/05/09 03:29 jk said the following:

> I somehow missed part of this conversation.
> Glad to hear that the newer version of mythlcdserver is playing more nicely
> with lcdproc.

I sent the original email before I subscribed to the list - perhaps the
moderator either hasn't yet approved the original, or saw my response
reply and decided not to approve. Either way, I've supplied the
original email for archive purposes at the bottom.

It is very strange to see that mythlcdserver doesn't play nice with teh
proposed lcdproc 0.5.3 - I have looked (briefly, I must admit) at both
change logs for recent modified files, and cannot see why it wouldn't work.
There is an entry in mythlcdserver which DOES explicitly advise that it
has been changed to work with lcdproc 0.5.3 and it's priority codes -
something which I believe was my original problem (ie. It's already
fixed, just awaiting an "official" release).

I'm happy to assist with any testing for this driver and it's
interactions with MythTV in particular - but my coding ability is
somewhat limited.
Please keep me in mind if you require something tested.

As mentioned in my "follow-up" email, LCDd is still reporting a syntax
error with the "client_add_key" call from mythlcdserver, so I'll have a
look around the mythtv-dev list and see if I can find a fix there.

Thanks for your response, Jonathan.


-------- Original Message --------
Subject: RE: Driver for SoundGraph iMON LCD imported
Date: Wed, 20 May 2009 21:27:52 +1000 (EST)
From: Matt Smith
To: lcdproc at

Hi List,

>The code has just been submitted to CVS HEAD and is available
>immediately. It should also show up in the next -current nightly
>tarball and will be part of release 0.5.3.

Firstly, Thanks for Markus et al for the fantastic work on this driver.
I've got a Soundgraph iMon (version 0038 from lsusb) from an Antec
MicroFusion remote (

I just compiled from CVS the other night (18 May 2009, approx 22:15
GMT+10), on a Mythdora 10.21 system (Fedora Core 10, MythTV 0.21), with
Using LCDd and lcdproc display everything fine, as expected, and the extra
features (turning LCD off) work well (didn't play with any of the extra
icons though).

HOWEVER, MythTV talking to the screen via mythlcdserver results in just
blank screens, occasionally displaying the clock, but the colon isn't
animated (doesn't flash each second).
I also see an occasional error in LCDd (error: huh? invalid argument at
-priority) when running "LCDd -f -r 5", which, looking at some source from
both mythlcdserver and LCDd appears to relate to Mythlcdserver's use of
setting the priority to "0" to turn a screen off.

I'm using the protocol option "1" in the driver, other stuff is fairly
default. The screen does turn off when the exit option is "2" - a feature
which i *love*!
Using lcdproc from yum repositories, lcdproc, works fine
including from mythlcdserver, just without the extra bits.

I'm no C programmer, so i'm struggling to find what is going on here.
I can manually connect to the LCDd deamon and create a screen, and set a
priority to "0". I'm confused where to look further. The blank screens
are the strangest issue - as to why mythlcdserver isn't able to
create/draw the screens with the new version, I don't get it.

I'd appreciate any guidance and advice on where to look, and how to
troubleshoot this issue.
Again, I'm a big fan of the LCDd project, and combined with MythTV my Myth
Front End has never looked better!


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