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[Lcdproc] Release status report

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  • From: TELarson at (Larson, Timothy E.)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Release status report
  • Date: Tue, 19 May 2009 16:30:24 -0500

> I will post a patch later this week which should allow building the clients
> on Solaris.
> Additionally, the mtx_s16209x driver has to be fixed as you said:

Right now I've got AC_CHECK_HEADERS(getopt.h stdint.h usb.h) in the, and changed the check for getopt_long to getopt. I've changed
includes of "getopt.h" to <getopt.h> everywhere, and made them conditional on
the presence of that header. The imonlcd driver needs to make the stdint.h
include conditional also. (I assume your patch is something similar.) But
assuming I build without the mtx driver, it builds fine...

>> The mtc_s16209x issue has to do with use of flock vs fcntl. That
>> looked a little more complicated than I wanted to delve into right now.
> Are you going to do this?

Unfortunately I don't have the bandwidth to look into that (I've never tried
resolving the two locking mechanisms, so it would take a fair bit just to get
up to speed), and don't expect to any time soon. If the other things can be
taken care of, I'd say just state it as a known issue so people can build
without that driver on Solaris.

> Anyway, release work will continue in the meantime. But before including
> these fixes in
> the release, I require explicit OK from someone building and testing them
> on Linux and
> MacOS X (for FreeBSD I will check myself) before including it (and silence
> will not be
> OK this time). Otherwise the 0.5.3 release notes will tell about Solaris
> support being
> broken and we will have to do this for the next release.

FWIW I can test Solaris, Linux, and NetBSD. I haven't tried Linux yet
because I assumed there were enough people already there. If there's enough
interest, I could dust off a SGI and try IRIX too.


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