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[Lcdproc] Increasing the server's receive buffer

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  • From: aeriksson2 at (aeriksson2 at
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Increasing the server's receive buffer
  • Date: Sat, 28 Feb 2009 10:10:28 +0100

bsdfan at said:
> if LCDd is used with large displays (40x4) it may happen that the server's
> receive buffer is too small and the client gets disconnected. The
> disconnect
> is triggered if the client sends 7K. This is likely to occur during initial
> creation of screens by the client if the client sets up several screens.

This sounds like a client error to me. You can't just write to the socket and
expect all bytes to be sucessfully written. Queueing _will_ happen. Have you
tried over a 2400 bps modem link?

> Our lcdproc client is sometimes struck by this if you use a 40x4 display
> and
> the 'L' screen in addition to the default lcdproc.conf. I wrote "sometimes"
> because it depends on how fast LCDd reads out the buffer. I was not able to
> reproduce this with the curses driver (server reads about 4K), but it
> happened everytime I use the hd44780-lcd2usb (server reads about 8K).

> Updates of a single screen are < 1K most times.

> I suggest on of these options: 1. Increase the server's receive buffer to
> 16K
> 2. Slow down the client's initial screen setup.

> Any objections against 1?

Yes. It would waste memory on a potentially memory-short device.
Fix the client instead.


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