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[Lcdproc] Changes to get EA-DOGM163 + four keys working with hd44780-lcd2usb driver

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  • From: ethan.dicks at (Ethan Dicks)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Changes to get EA-DOGM163 + four keys working with hd44780-lcd2usb driver
  • Date: Wed, 25 Feb 2009 11:00:35 -0500

On Wed, Feb 25, 2009 at 9:50 AM, Malte P?ggel <malte at>
>> Indeed. ? Very cool. ?It looks like the lines are offset from each
>> other by a pixel or so, or is that just the camera angle?
> There is a little offset, that wont look very good for the bar graphics...
> But its okay..

That's fine with me. I personally don't use bar graphs much, but I do
make a point to support them in the drivers I write.

Some of the modules I work with have larger spaces between the
character cells than others. Sometimes the bargraphs don't look very
good on those.

> The different display types and the different backlights are sold
> seperately, so every user can combine his favourite lcd glass + bl. There is
> also a RGB backlight available!
> You may find some more information on the product page:

Very interesting. I remember these guys from their DIP series. I
never got one since they were in Germany (exchange rate, overseas
shipping costs, etc.), but they looked really good.

I did spot a great page of datasheets on their website, full of PDFs
for controller chips that LCDproc supports...


It reminds me that one of my long-term projects is to put together an
oscillator and LPT interface cable for an AX6120 display I've had for
years. It's so small (122x32 pixels) that when I got it, I thought it
was a 2x16 character display. It was really cheap because the seller
had no docs and no idea how to drive it. I keep meaning to pick up
more when I see that seller at Hamventions, but I've missed the last
two places they sold at. I think it's pretty much functionally
identical to one of their DIP displays, just with a different pinout
(across the top rather than down both sides).

> The size of the PCB is very small - about 10 x 3,5 cm. I think it would fit
> perfectly into a 5 1/4 zoll slot.

That's always nice. I like my Matrix Orbital VKD204, but it's so tall
that it takes a double-bay. The newer M-O displays are shorter and
wider and fit a 5.25" slot perfectly.

>> I look forward to hearing that this module is out of prototype. ?It
>> would make a good desk-side display in the right case.
> If you are interested in building a display, you could download the layout
> files, etc on my homepage later.
> I dont know if there would ever be kits available, but its no problem for me
> to make some small amounts of single sided PCBs at home.

If I understand what you are doing (I can't exactly tell from the
pictures you posted), you are using an ATMEGA-8 with Till Harbaum's
code on that single-sided PCB, right? I wouldn't mind a pre-fabbed
board, but if you are making them at home, I can certainly whip
something up myself (I do a lot with pre-perfed 0.1" protoboard and
30ga wire). I've got all the gear to burn AVRs, etc.

So the next question would be where to pick up a 3-line DOG display in
the States.

I did a little digging around and couldn't find info on the LED
backlights. I am, of course, curious about the RGB backlight since
it's clearly easy to pick which backlight you want to use. Malte, do
you have any specific docs on the backlight modules?


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