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[Lcdproc] PicoLCD 20x4

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  • From: vincent at (Vincent Cunniffe)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] PicoLCD 20x4
  • Date: Wed, 25 Feb 2009 00:43:13 +0000


I've been working at getting the PicoLCD 20x4 device (lsusb shows it as
a 04d8:c001) working using under CentOS 5.0

It's for eventual deployment on a different machine, but I want to get
it working in dev first. I've got all of the basic support working, it's
detected correctly and can be seen by LCDd. I can run lcdproc and the
various info screens cycle through correctly on the device.

Driver was downloaded from :

However, there are a couple of problems :

1. The rightmost column won't display (looks to be a known problem from
the email thread on 2009/02/02 here)... any idea when the patched
version will be out? Worst case I can integrate it myself.
2. Keypresses don't seem to get detected at all. They show up on the
device itself ('Hold', 'Rotate', etc.) when I press OK, but nothing
happens on the backend when I press any of the keys. This is with
lcdexec running with its example .conf file, and connecting to the
3. I get a warning of :

Interface 0 already claimed by 'usbhid' detaching.

every time I start LCDd... is this anything to do with the keypress

Any assistance or leads gratefully received,



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