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[Lcdproc] Zalman HD135 and CVS Current LCDproc mplay connection

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  • From: multiroom at (David Scott)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Zalman HD135 and CVS Current LCDproc mplay connection
  • Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2009 11:42:06 -0500

Hello Markus,

Yes! that is exactly what I am talking about, I first compiled using the
CVS-current version as that is the only version that setting connection type
to mplay will work with. and as I stated it would work ok for a little while
then I could no loner view live tv or recorded shows with myth as my remote
would stop responding in either of those two scenario's. So heading into the
src directory and running sudo make uninstall and then rebooting all was
back to normal without LCDd running.

So I googled and found the patch you are referring to and could not find
the actual .patch file so I contacted the author and got a copy of it. Then
I proceeded to download the current 0.5.2 lcdproc version and applied the
mplay-final.patch as supplied by the author WITH the fan controller changes
to the LCDd.conf, then configured LCDd.conf for the mplay device. rebooted
and everything is working perfectly. Mythbuntu works perfectly all lines are
displayed properly with myth's lcdserver, the clock, date and time are
perfect and I can watch livetv and recorded shows with LCDd running.



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Subject: Re: [Lcdproc] Zalman HD135 and CVS Current LCDproc mplay

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> Von: "David Scott" <multiroom at>
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> Betreff: [Lcdproc] Zalman HD135 and CVS Current LCDproc mplay connection

> Hello All,
> I then proceeded to remove that version of lcdproc and try the 0.5.2
> version as well as the stable nightly all using the lis2 connections type
> with all the same results as above. I then hunted for some answers and I
> found the patch for the driver created in 2007 that was never included in
> the stable or unstable versions of LCDd or the CVS versions. I proceeded
> to
> get the patch, dwnld 0.5.2 configured again with driver=44780 patched
> with -p0 < mplay-final.patch. reconfigured my LCDd.conf file with the fan
> controller portion now and rebooted the system and VOILA all is now
> with mythtv and xbmc. The display works properly and the clock, date,
> mythmenu, recorded show details etc are all working, and I can watch live
> and recorded tv perfectly.


do you mean this
patch? I wasn't able to find any other.

The patch got never commited in the form it was sent in, because the fan
controlling part was split of.

AFAIK the mplay part was incorporated into the lis2 driver. So the lis2
driver actually knows about the lis2 and the mplay device and their
differences (e.g. the serial speed). If the original patch does work for the
mplay device but the current driver not, we need to have a look at the lis2


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