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[Lcdproc] Support for Matrix Orbital GLK19264

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  • From: nombrandue at (Seann Clark)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Support for Matrix Orbital GLK19264
  • Date: Tue, 13 Jan 2009 09:01:32 -0600

OCG Technical Support wrote:
> I?m looking at the new MO GLK19264 and wondering if anyone has it
> working properly with LCDproc?
> Is anyone doing anything cool with the graphics ? or just using the
> ascii text output?
> Thanks
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
As far as I know right now, the glk timing nodes have changed on the
newer MO LCD's. I have a GLK19264-7T-1U-GW-E, and the driver doesn't
work on this LCD. I haven't had time to work on a new driver, since
coding in C isn't my forte, and I haven't had much luck shaking the tree
here for help on this, and I can't find the blasted information from the
guy at MO that happened to respond to me when I first got this LCD about
7 months ago. Under Doze, you can do a lot of Graphics and fun stuff,
though I don't know under *nix* since I haven't played with raw commands
and custom scripts to the board in a while.

In theory yes, there is a lot of fun stuff to do, but I know of no
LCDProc graphics items off the top of my head, but scripting them is
cake if LCDproc can talk to the driver. Otherwise homespun's until the
driver is fixed for this LCD series from MO is the best bet.

I have made some changed where LCDproc can discover the display but it
requires adding line to the source and recompiling it, which isn't hard,
I just would have to dig through the driver.


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