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[Lcdproc] X-Y center problem

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  • Subject: [Lcdproc] X-Y center problem
  • Date: Mon, 12 Jan 2009 11:42:08 -0500

Hi Umberto,

That LCDs has two controller chips on-board. It sounds like the "chip
select" lines for the graphics chips are connected backwards, thus the
symptoms you are seeing.

Based on what I found at:
- your display is probably attached via parallel port. You just need to
switch the CS1 and CS2 lines (Pins 16 and 17 per that pinout) to fix your

According to their "Customisable Wiring" page, you can also pass a string
to the driver to specify the non-standard pinout as well. (There is a link
on the above referenced page that details that configuration.)

Now if I can just get a reply to my post... ;-)

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Subject: [Lcdproc] X-Y center problem


I have a problem on my samsung ks0108 :

mine is a 128x64 display and lcd proc start to write in the middle of
display like in this (ugly :-) ) ascii picture


- * -
-or using * thanks f -
- linux * lcdproc &-
- * -
- * -

I've tried with X offset an Y osffet but only Y have an effect.

Can someone help me?

Umberto "crash_override" Bernardi
Linux Registered User #353811
Impossibilia nemo tenetur....


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