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[Lcdproc] FIC Spectra VFD Support [Scanned]

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  • From: NSUTTON at (N.Sutton)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] FIC Spectra VFD Support [Scanned]
  • Date: Fri, 9 Jan 2009 10:37:10 +0000

Hi all,
I am currently looking at moving my XBMC install from Windows to Linux and
have been researching getting the VFD in my FIC Spectra case working.
I found some conflicting info at the MythTV website saying the FIC Spectra
uses a DM-140GINK (I managed to find an LCDProc driver for this one) but that
isn't the VFD fitted..
The FIC Spectra uses a 7x1 Futaba TOSD-5711BB USB display and features icons
for music,video,tv guide, record etc (handy for things like Myth, VDR etc..)
I have the following info for the display - PID(0x7000) and VID(0x0547)
Hex codes to drive the display;

00 8B 04 01 07 xx xx xx xx xx xx xx -> where xx are the ASCII codes of the
seven characters to display - the display only supports Capital Letters

00 85 02 01 aa ss -> where aa is the code of the icon and ss is the state
(00=off, 01=on)

00 85 02 02 a1 s1 a2 s2 -> a1 s1 = code and state of the first icon, a2 s2 =
code and state of the second icon

00 85 02 nn a1 s1 a2 s2 .... an sn -> where nn is the number of icon values
present in the buffer and then a couple of bytes for every icon to set with
icon number in the first byte and state in the second one

so here's the icon numbers list:
01 = VOLUME icon
02 to 0C = volume bars
0E = SHUFFLE icon
10 = PHONE
11 = REC
12 = RADIO
13 = DVD
14 = VCD
15 = CD
16 = MUSIC
17 = PHOTO
18 = TV
19 = cd/dvd disk icon
1A = 5.1 icon
1B = 7.1 icon
1E = REPEAT icon
1F = ALL icon
20 = REW
21 = PAUSE
22 = PLAY
23 = TIMER
24 and 25 = GUIDE (double led)
26 = HOME
28 = eject icon
29 = FWD
2A = KHz
2B = MHz

so this will be the buffer to light the REC icon
00 85 02 01 11 01
and this to turn off rec icon
00 85 02 01 11 00

every sent buffer has to be filled with 00 after the command to reach 65
All the numbers are in HEX notation
Image of the display here;
Info is courtesy of AndreaVB at the Mediaportal forums..

Is there any way this display could be supported under LCDProc ?
I have checkedout the CVS and looked at the source for some of the drivers
but can't make head or tail of it as I only know!


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