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[Lcdproc] Non-Latin characters in LCDd.conf

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  • From: joris at (Joris Robijn)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Non-Latin characters in LCDd.conf
  • Date: Sat, 29 Nov 2008 15:39:19 +0100

Hi Anders,

This discussion has already existed for a long time. Problem is that you
do not want to make a protocol language that supports everything, while
hardly any display can use it. It would be very much work to support
UTF8. In the past the decision was made to go for the iso8859-15 charset.
This contains most characters in latin languages. If a display does not
support a character, its driver can decide to use a custom char for it,
or replace it with a simplified form of the character: a-umlaut becomes
a. The driver should know how many custom chars the display supports.
Currently, hardly any (if any) driver supports this.

Then, to support "any" character or symbol, the idea was that a client
could define its own icon that he could use just like the normal icons.
The client would like to know the size of the chars on the display and
the number of custom chars. He can define more icons than there is memory
for, but when he places too many icons on the screen the driver cannot
render them and will replace some by something else. The idea was that
this be put in a library but it was never implemented.

I hope this gives you some ideas... You can lookup the discussions on the
mailing list. I hope the custom icon stuff finally gets implemented !


On 29 Nov 2008 at 9:32, aeriksson2 at wrote:

> ethan.dicks at said:
> > The overall problem with that is that LCDproc is firmly rooted in its
> > roots
> > as an HD44780-based abstraction tool, and those sorts of displays tend to
> > have a small number (1-8) of user-definable characters, with the rest of
> > the
> > characters and glyphs in onboard ROM.
> Hi Ethan,
> Thanks for the explanation. While I appreciate that various devices have
> lots
> of constaints making font loading seem like a far off vision, what is the
> charset used in the client->LCDd protocol? From an application writer's
> point
> of view it would be better to have a fixed (or settable) charset and let
> the
> drivers emulate stuff not rederable on the device, than resort to device
> specific programming go get the right glyphs out to the screen.
> Is it us-ascii today? What would it take to make it utf-8?
> /Anders
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