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[Lcdproc] iMon LCD device support

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  • From: avionicsdv at (David W Studeman)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] iMon LCD device support
  • Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2008 02:55:14 -0800

Jarod Wilson wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I'm new to the list, only just last week got an LCD device to play with.
> What I got was the Antec Veris Multimedia Station Premiere[1], which is
> a rebadged SoundGraph iMon UltraBay (with a different usb device ID).
> I've done the necessary work to get it working rather nicely with lirc's
> lirc_imon driver (changes committed to lirc cvs this past weekend), and
> with a patched up lcdproc, its working quite nicely with MythTV.
> Anyhow, the patch is what leads me here. I see Dean Harding posted a
> patch a while back for support of the original iMon LCD, and there's now
> a v3 of that patch. On top of that, there's a patch to that patch for
> the newer iMon LCD, which is also required for mine. Ron Frazier has
> most of the details covered[2], so I won't rehash them here.
> A quick search of the archives suggested the only things really needed
> to get the patch merged was some documentation, but Dean had some
> additional work he wanted to do... I guess my question is primarily for
> Dean: what really *has* to be done for this to be ready to be merged?
> Personally, I'd advocate merging it ASAP, rather than waiting until its
> perfect, so that it gets out to a wider audience of testers -- not
> everyone is comfortable patching and building from source, but many such
> people can provide useful feedback.
> Note that I maintain Fedora's lirc bits and co-maintain its lcdproc
> package, and thus intend to patch in full support for this device for
> Fedora users, but would really like to see it all upstreamed ASAP.
> [1]
> [2]
I thought your name was familiar, I use MythDora myself and in 2007
offered up an imon patched lirc driver set to Dennis in the MD4 days.
Most of what you see in these articles is related to getting Lirc
patched and running the remote. The Lcd or VFD portion of it should have
nothing at all to do with kernel drivers or lirc for that matter. In
fact, while mixing on and off topic here anyway, I hated the imon remote
so much I changed to a new rf remote and just left lcdproc to drive the
display which is likely hd44780 compatible anyway like 99% of the
character displays out there and set up lirc for the new remote. Once
you get the mousepad working, you'll scream obscenities at it sometimes
because it's overly sensitive but you do need four axis control on a
remote to enjoy MythTV without using the keyboard. If I knew then what I
know now about displays and remotes, I would have not bought an
expensive Imon setup to only have a 16x2 display and a remote I
abandoned anyway. A 20x4 VFD or LCD will fit in the same window.

Dave Studeman

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