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[Lcdproc] Bug with numeric priorities

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  • From: peter at (Peter Marschall)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Bug with numeric priorities
  • Date: Wed, 17 Sep 2008 08:34:14 +0200


On Sunday, 7. September 2008, Andrew M. Bishop wrote:
> [Resent after subscribing to the lcdproc list, an older duplicate
> message is still waiting for moderator approval]
> I have been using LCDproc for a while on Debian (version 0.4.5) and
> have just tried updating to version 0.5.2. What I have found during
> this changeover is a bug in LCDd that means that the numeric
> priorities have never worked since the named priorities were added.
> If a numeric priority of 128 is used (for example) then only one
> screen will display, they don't rotate like they should (since 128 is
> the same as 'info').
> [...]
> The change is simple though; on lines 206, 208, 210 's->priority'
> should be replaced by 'number'.
> The bug can be verified with unmodified code by using priority 2 which
> maps to PRI_INFO and the screens rotate. Using priority 128 which
> should map to PRI_INFO and only one screen is shown, they don't
> rotate.

you're right.

Your proposed fix has been committed to CVS.

Thanks for reporting the issue

Peter Marschall
peter at

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