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[Lcdproc] Heartbeat, Hello, Goodbye options

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  • From: peter at (Peter Marschall)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Heartbeat, Hello, Goodbye options
  • Date: Mon, 15 Sep 2008 18:54:56 +0200


On Wednesday, 10. September 2008, Matthias Krepp wrote:

> Im trying to get lcdproc to run on my debian server.
> First of all I have used the 5.2 version, but as far as I figured out, I
> cant turn the "heartbeat" off. I saw on the earlier user-guides that this
> option can be used, so I tried the earlier versions as well (5.0).
> But the heartbeat option doesnt work there either, so Im confused right
> now, if I did something wrong or if its not possible. I have read a lot of
> comments about it, but none of them really gave me an answer to my
> question.
> I guess in version 4.x it works (I didnt get my tyan driver to work there
> yet), but I would like to use one of the latest versions. In user-guide 5.0
> the heartbeat option is shown, so it should work right ?
> Also the "Hello" and "GoodBye" options dont work. Its weird because the
> server is loading my LCDd.conf file without any errors and it works well
> with the other options, but not one of the options I mentioned.
> It would be nice if somebody could tell me in which version the mentioned
> options really work and which not.

"GoodBye" was part of the 0.5.2 release
"Hello" is part of the unreleased development version.

I tested a few minutes ago: both work on my system.

Plase grab one of the nightly snapshots to give the
development version a try.
(There's nothing to fear, it's mostly bug fixes and new drivers)

If it still does not work then please post more information about
your configuration to the list.


Peter Marschall
peter at

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