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[Lcdproc] OSX + MtxOrb Driver

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  • From: kdogden at (Kevin Ogden)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] OSX + MtxOrb Driver
  • Date: Wed, 3 Sep 2008 22:58:09 -0400

AWESOME! OK, it's working now, I've attached a diff with all the
mangling of MtxOrb.c I've done along with my LCDd.conf.

It's now working flawlessly under OSX with my old Matrix Orbital
LK202-25 display with no extra 'V' characters or anything. Looking
at the manual, it said the backlight command was 254 66 0, which in
hex is FE 42 0. Along with the GPO patch and a slight addition
relating to DCD using '/dev/tty.serial1' on my generic P4 running OSX
it's working fine.

I think you said that O_NDELAY flag to the open call may not be
necessary if you use /dev/cu.serial1 though. I really don't want to
mess with it at the moment now that it's working though.

Thanks for all your help! I appreciate it, my cool little red LCD
display is now doing something useful!


On Sep 3, 2008, at 9:48 PM, Ethan Dicks wrote:

> On 9/4/08, Kevin Ogden <kdogden at> wrote:
>> Unfortunately the GPO patch didn't help.
> OK. Then ensure you have the right type setting in your config.
> You don't
> have a VFD, so your choices should be lcd or lkd. Try both.
> Also... check in MtxOrb.c to ensure you have the right code for
> setting the backlight, etc... looking at MtxOrb_backlight, I see
> that if type is "VKD" (mine), it sends 0xFE 'Y'. That's the one I
> could test. If you have any other kind, it sends 0xFE 0x99. I'm
> guessing that is wrong. I think you said you have an older manual;
> but check for the backlight command in what you have (I still have
> my original paper manual from 1999, which is good, because that
> one isn't available online).
> I have a memory when we were debugging the backlight routine
> (because another maintainer accidentally put in hex instead of
> decimal), I only "fixed" the code I could test - i.e. for VKD. Even
> though LCDproc started with MtxOrb as the only supported
> module, over 10 years, folks have drifted to other modules
> and I am one of the few maintainers (only one left?) with an MO
> module, and I have a rare and expensive one at that (it was $130
> in 2000, IIRC; thankfully, my employer at the time paid for it, and
> the drive-bay mounting bracket).
> I'm thinking we probably just have to tune the backlight code
> to handle the cases I couldn't test for.
>> The display is an old LK202-25 with 6 GPOs. After setting GPOs
>> to 6 the
>> first two and last two characters in the server screen are a V
>> followed by a
>> double vertical line character.
>> After setting GPOs to 0 the first character is a K and so is the
>> last
>> character in the server screen.
> Is zero a valid choice? Normally, I thought the possibilities were
> like 1, 2, or 6?
> Anyway, "K" is the random letter when GPOs is wrong, so you were
> probably OK before.
>> If I took a short video clip with my digital camera of the display
>> and sent it to you, would that help any?
> Not really... I'm on a low-bandwidth, 12-hour-a-day sat feed.
>> I also tried playing with the GPO value setting just for giggles
>> and had no
>> luck.
> OK.
> Check your code and your backlight command...
> -ethan

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