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[Lcdproc] solaris

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  • From: TELarson AT (Larson, Timothy E.)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] solaris
  • Date: Mon Jun 23 18:49:01 2008

Markus Dolze wrote:=20
> the smoktests are quite of of date. There is one user compiling it on=20
> Linux every day. I do so for FreeBSD once in a while, NetBSD and
> are outdated and Solaris is missing completely.
> So you are welcome. The smoketest script referenced on the web page is

> a good starting point, although you will likely have to adapt it to
> system and your preferences.
> Perhaps I can persuade a collegue to have it compile on one of his=20
> Solaris machines so I can have a look at it.

I have fetched lcdproc from CVS on two systems and would be willing to
cron the smoketest nightly. Who needs to add my SF account to the
project so I can upload the results?

> What hardware (if any) will you be using for LCDd under Solaris?

I've recently acquired a system with a front LCD panel, which I haven't
even gotten up and running yet, so I can't give you much info on it.
Looking around for something useful to do with it led me to lcdproc.
I'd _like_ to install clients on my other systems and have them display
statistics, in some kind of round-robin fashion, on that box. I don't
even know if that's possible yet though.


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