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[Lcdproc] Re: UTF8 support

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  • From: brabant AT (Mathieu Brabant)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Re: UTF8 support
  • Date: Sun Apr 27 14:07:03 2008

Yes, it would have to be specified in the protocol but I think most clients
already support UTF8 if they are running in an UTF8 environment, nothing
would have to change client-wise. If a client does not run in a UTF8
environment, they will still work if they use chars < 0x7F (plain old ASCII),
that's the beauty of UTF8.

The biggest pain will be to modify all the drivers so they work by accepting
UTF32 strings. Hopefully modifying the data type inside each driver will be
enough so they at least support <0x7F ASCII chars without breaking. The
drivers development guide would definitely have to be updated.

I know the code to the imonlcd driver pretty well (from Dean @,
yet in CVS) and would be able to get it working for UTF32 with chars > 0x7F,
but I'm not sure I want to modify all the 59 other drivers so they properly
render chars > 0x7F.

I quickly looked at more code and I think the conversion from UTF8 to UTF32
would happen in widget_set_func (widget_commands.c), when the client command
is processed for setting widget properties.

Who are the active developpers ? How would I go about submitting the patches
to accomplish this ?


On Sunday 27 April 2008 05:12:32 am Anders Eriksson wrote:
> brabant AT
> said:
> > Any opinions ?
> I'd much appreciate lcdproc doing utf8. Thanks for looking into this.
> Wouldn't this require a protocol (version) change (as the current protocol
> doesn't indicate the charset for the text)?
> If so, there's a bunch or other issues with the protocol which we might
> want to address while at it.
> /A

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