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[Lcdproc] MtxOrb VK202-24-USB and weird chars

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  • From: nico AT (Nicolas Will)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] MtxOrb VK202-24-USB and weird chars
  • Date: Mon Mar 10 19:16:02 2008

Hi all,

I am using a Matrix Orbital VK202-24-USB VFD on my Home Theatre PC
project, ussing Ubuntu.

Of course, it is using lcdproc!


Things worked very well using 0.5.1.

Then I upgraded the Ubuntu release from 7.04 to 7.10, which brought

There is some work done on the MtxOrb driver that broke something, as
the display shows 'V' and '|' characters a bit randomly (at least to my

I initially trusted the software, and got an RMA from Matrix Orbital
(stellar service, BTW).

But I still had the pb with the brand new unit.

I picked up a 0.5.1 package and installed it. Magic, the display worked

I am currently holding the package to its current version. It works
well, even if it is a bit inelegant.

I then used Google and picked up the following information:

I have opened a bug with Ubuntu:

A developer kindly found a patch and applied it, for the next Ubuntu
release. I took the source package and backported it to my current
stable release.

I got the same problem of V and | on the display with this.

The Ubuntu guys are quite hyper these days with the upcoming release.
I can barely read code, but I am not a coder.

I am seeking your help in finding a patch that would apply to the 0.5.2
lcdproc release and fix the MtxOrb, for inclusion into the rapidly
arriving Ubuntu release.

I hope that there will be an understanding person around here ready to

Thanks in advance,


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