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[Lcdproc] patch to fix backlight disable on HD44780 in lcdproc-0.5.2

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  • From: will.frazer AT (Will Frazer)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] patch to fix backlight disable on HD44780 in lcdproc-0.5.2
  • Date: Mon Mar 10 12:54:02 2008

Hi Peter,

> The critical part (NULL pointer) has been arelady included into the =
> version of LCDproc.=20
> You might try that one as it contains other fixes as well.
Great thanks, I'll do that.

> With regard to the "have_backlight =3D=3D 0" case I am not 100% =
percent sure what=20
> to do:
> - set backlight state to Off
> - don't call the the ConnectionType's backlight function
> For both alternatives I can find good arguments.
> Do you experience problems if the function gets called despite =
> being 0 ?
Not specifically.

> Would the former altrnative above help as well ?
I noticed this second issue after I added a stub to overcome the initial =
NULL POINTER issue. My stub was just doing printf's so in my case I =
didn't want to see anything when the feature was turned off. The patch =
that I supplied is implemented in the same way HD44780_output() is =
implemented which, if not correct for all cases, then at least is =
consistent. In my case, there will never be a backlight support function =
(always on) so it's not important to me. =20


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