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[Lcdproc] Issue with added irtrans driver

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  • From: peter AT (Peter Marschall)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Issue with added irtrans driver
  • Date: Sat Mar 8 17:00:03 2008


On Sunday, 2. March 2008, Warpme wrote:
> Hi *
> I'm trying to get LCDd 0.5.1 to get working with my vfd AHANIX case.
> I manually add irtrans diver to 0.5.1. Compile and trying to launch LCDd.
> Issue is that I'm not able to launch LCDd.
> Maybe somebody can help me to overcome this issue ?

Well, with a private compile of a driver that was written for LCDproc versi=
0.4.x, privately built into into version 0.5.1 of LCDproc (which is=20
superseeded by 0.5.2 btw.) the chances of supporting you are very limited.

> Details:
> [...]
> Launching LCDd gives following error:
> irtrans: unable to init client socket
> Driver [irtrans] init failed, return code < 0
The error message says it is a problem in the init routine of the itrans=20
driver caused by irtrans being unable to init the/a client socket.

> Could not load driver irtrans
> There is no output driver
> Critical error while initializing, abort.
> [irtrans]
> #IrTrans driver
> Device=3D/dev/ttyUSB0
> Arguments=3D"-hostname localhost -lcdw 16 -lcdh 2 -backlight -timeout 1"
> #hostname: IP / Hostname of irserver
> #lcdw: Breite des LCD Displays (default=3D16)
> #lcdh: H=C3=B6he des LCD Displays (default=3D4)

The "Arguments" option strongly indicates the driver was written for LCDpro=
0.4.x which is unsupported for more than 4 years now.

Sorry, for not being able to help you further

Peter Marschall
peter AT

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