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[Lcdproc] support for the ft245B in hd44780-ftdi

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  • From: daniel-lcdproc AT (Daniel Lindenaar)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] support for the ft245B in hd44780-ftdi
  • Date: Mon Feb 18 20:30:02 2008

Hi Ismail and everybody,
I've also modified the driver... And it works! I've adopted most of the
code from the existing ft2232 driver and indeed added an option; ChipID...
Seems double work has been done anyway... I guess we're going to have a
vote in which patch to apply ;)

My patch is attached. I will get to the documentation part, but let's
first have a look at the code...


Ismail Ibrahim wrote:
Hi All..

I have a modified the ftdi driver to support 4 bit wiring for single
channel ftdi chip(FT232,245..etc)
Later I'll post it to the development..

@Daniel:I add the ftdi_mode option.. it is default to 8. If we want to
use 4 bit wiring later we define ftdi_mode=4 in LCDd.conf
what do you think?
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