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[Lcdproc] Re: Gen III Cobalt with VFD, Works well so far.

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  • From: avionicsdv AT (David W Studeman)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Re: Gen III Cobalt with VFD, Works well so far.
  • Date: Sat Feb 2 08:29:01 2008

David W Studeman wrote:

> In my quest to get LCDproc working on these units, in addition to trying
> an
> aftermarket lcd, I picked up a Matrix Orbital parallel 16x2 VFD and
> soldered the pin header in. This unit is HD44780 compatible so I used the
> HD44780 driver with the winamp option. It was a direct drop in as the
> original Goldentek GC-1602F1 that comes with these units only uses 14
> pins. I slaved in a spare front panel board into a running spare box I
> have a full IPCop devel version running on so I can compile, make changes
> and recompile as needed. The thing has been running for almost two days
> without garbaging out on me. Studying the char maps, there are differences
> between the standard HD44780 char map and the one for the VFD but the main
> characters such as the upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols
> one would get on a western keyboard are all in the same location but there
> are extra characters in the first row that I have never seen on an LCD
> char map such as music symbols and so forth. BTW, the Matrix Orbital unit
> is a Noritake 16x2 parallel 14 pin unit. Why is this working better than
> the LCD was? Is there something more tolerant in VFD?
> I still want to get to the bottom of why the rather obscure LCD model
> that
> comes with Gen III Cobalts and my cheap Sure Electronics units go garbage
> on me. Supposedly the Gen V namely the Raq 550 doesn't garbage up easily
> with LCDproc.
> Another observation is that when I have a front panel slaved in and
> running
> outside the box, the back of the panel behind the 74F245 chip that is an
> octal bi-directional receiver with 3-state outputs, gets pretty hot with
> the lcd units plugged in but only warm with the VFD plugged in. Of course
> with the unit in the box, it gets adequate cooling with the lcd unit. As
> near as I can tell, the receiver chip is a go between for the button pad.
> Dave

Nix that thought, it garbled on me eventually. It took longer to do so due
to using a cvs snapshot versus 0.5.2 is why it lasted a while before
crapping out. This is bugging me. I like LCDProc the best out of anything I
have tried at least as far as the look and screens. Could it be something
as simple as the fact that this firewall distro (IPCop) uses utf-8 rather
than iso8859-1? Time to dig further into docs.


  • [Lcdproc] Re: Gen III Cobalt with VFD, Works well so far., David W Studeman, 02/02/2008

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