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  • From: avionicsdv AT (David W Studeman)
  • Subject: [Lcdproc] Re: (no subject)
  • Date: Sat Feb 2 08:20:02 2008

Bart Grefte wrote:

> Hi!
> My nephew and I tried to get a HD44780 16*2 character display working on
> Ubuntu 7.10. Well, didn't work. We think it's because it's connected
> through USB. We tried several programs, including LCDproc.
> Does anyone know how to get the display working? Keep in mind that we're
> both still a bit of linux rookies...
> With regards,
> Bart Grefte

They all require configuration and USB is no problem in itself. You don't
state exactly what and how you came upon this display. Did it come with a
box you are using such as a Tyan or Msi barebones? Other devices? We need
more hardware details. Unfortunately, with LCDProc even as good as it is,
cannot autoconfigure itself to match your hardware. Even though LCDProc or
LCD4Linux may come in a package for your distro, there is a learning curve
to configure it for your display and this has to be done before it will
work by telling it the number of characters which you mentioned as 16x2,
which driver to use and how it's connected. I've had good luck with usb
connected displays myself such as on my MythTV Box, it's the parallel ones
such as I am using in a Cobalt Raq 4 that are really finicky beasts and
still kicking my butt.


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